"As life comes at you from all different directions, remember we can make a difference and create the right plan together! "
~ Ben ~

Life Coaching Certification Online Course

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Life Coaching Online Certification Course

Created by:

Sphere Innovation Group, LLC

For only $199 you will have unlimited access to this Online Life Coaching Class for 6 months.

Introductory Offer !!! $159 !!!! Sign up today!

With this Life Coaching Certification Online Course you will learn the tools and Skills needed to become a Certified Life Coach. Watch all 10 Lessons and review the printed course materials at your convenience .  Learn at your own speed, be able to stop, rewind and review as needed.

In the Course You will learn:

  • Coaching Skills
  • How to ask effective Questions
  • Active Listening
  • How to build a success plan with the client
  • How to follow up with client
  • Recognize and overcome client speed bumps
  • How to get your practice started

At the end of this Life Coaching Certification Online Course you will be a Certified Life Coach!

Your instructors for this course are:

Melba_300x300Dr. Melba Black, CLC                    sphere-innovation  Ben Plowman, CHt., CLC


Dr. Black and Ben have a unique style of teaching and find that having fun while teaching is essential.  You will notice that they also approach Life Coaching from very different perspectives but still end up working for what is best for the clients.

You may also catch Dr. Black and Ben on their weekly radio show “Deep Thoughts from the Shallow End” just follow the link.

Deep Thoughts From the Shallow End

This Life Coaching Certification Course Online  Cost: $199

Introductory Offer !!! $159 !!!! Sign up today!