"As life comes at you from all different directions, remember we can make a difference and create the right plan together! "
~ Ben ~

Defining Hypnosis

As life comes at you from all different directions,
Remember we can make a difference together!

Being in a heightened and/or focused state of suggestibility and or accessibility.

In order to create and change habits, patterns and addictions there are several key elements to understand.Thoughts are a conversation we have with ourselves throughout the day.

The issue is 95% of our thoughts are REPETITIVE day after day and 80% of those thoughts are NEGATIVE! We must change the conversation.

State of Brain

Albert EinsteinThe great Albert Einstein once defined insanity as “Doing the exact same thing over and over expecting a DIFFERENT outcome!” That is just not how it works. We see examples of this everyday and yet we all continue to fall into the same conversation.

The fact is our subconscious mind stopped maturing long ago and yet it continues to be the voice that guides us.

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