"As life comes at you from all different directions, remember we can make a difference and create the right plan together! "
~ Ben ~

What is Reiki

As life comes at you from all different directions,
Remember we can make a difference together!


What is Reiki

Reiki does not lend itself well to definition because Reiki is an experience of becoming. Reiki is NOT a religion or philosophy. It not a set of attitudes and beliefs, there are no schools of thought for there are no concepts to be interpreted or misrepresented. We do not need to know or understand any words to offer the blessing that is Reiki, for it is offered in silence.

It operates according to the principle that giving and receiving are one in the same and every time we offer healing we receive healing. Yet, a Reiki practitioner is NOT a healer for it is the Reiki that does the healing. In short Reiki is the all-inclusive experience of unconditional love.

Above all else Reiki allows the client to get a glimpse of harmony. That feeling that is so hard to explain when the stresses and schedules of everyday life just melt away.

A willingness to listen to the silence is all that it takes” Ben Plowman Reiki Master

Working with Chakras

Placing the hands on or near the chakras, Reiki works by gently allowing the body to take energy into a specific charka that needs help. The energy gently “pushes” all the energy that is slow moving or not moving at all. This can create many different sensations. The client can experience great joy or sorrow, feel a tingling sensation or warming effect depending on what type of event was creating the blockage. These “clearings” usually come up in a very gentle way and only when the client is ready for the energy to move.

Come, take a walk with yourself and listen to the silence. –Ben

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